Notholithocarpus densiflorus f. attenuato-dentatus


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Fantastic Tanbark Oak variant from a small mutant population in Yuba County, California that was discovered in 1962. This features narrow leaves with prominent teeth on the margins. This population tends to be shrubby but in cultivation, it grows normally, capable of putting on 2'-3' or more per year. Evergreen, this will get to 30' and more if you have longevity genes and are around to see it. A broadly pyramidal shape, grows quickest in a rich moist soil but can take some dry when established and best in full sun but is surprisingly shade tolerant.


Plant Type

  • Evergreen
  • Tree

Mature Size


Hardiness Zones

  • Zone 7a (0 °F)
  • Zone 7b (5 °F)
  • Zone 8a (10 °F)
  • Zone 8b (15 °F)
  • Zone 9a (20 °F)

Sun Exposure

  • Part Shade - Part Sun
  • Full Sun

Water Needs

  • Moderate
  • Dry
  • Moist

Bloom Time

  • Deer Resistant Plants
  • Drought Tolerant Plants