Far Reaches Botanical Conservancy

Far Reaches Botanical Conservancy (FRBC) is our 501(c)(3) nonprofit that acquires and conserves botanically significant wild and cultivated ornamental plants new to North America, with special emphasis on those that are threatened or vulnerable to loss. We maintain these plants as a living reference collection for education, public enjoyment and scientific purposes. Our site is home to thousands of rare native and introduced ornamentals, many of which are imperiled in their native ranges. We value the diversity of plant species and cultivars in the world and work to ensure their survival. We believe it is important to facilitate the conservation of these important genetic and horticultural resources.

Sue and Kelly have participated in a number of overseas plant hunting expeditions, and while all of these trips offered significant milestones such as being the second westerners to climb Nagaland’s Mt Saramati in 2003, none can eclipse the highlight of the 2010 expedition.

They had just passed by a hillside punctuated by exclamation points of tall stems bearing fat seed capsules of the Giant Lily, Cardiocrinum giganteum when they rounded a corner and beheld a plant hunter’s dream. Before them stood an amazing Hornbeam, Carpinus fangiana whose seed is contained in highly ornamental, pendant hop-like bracts which can reach 20 inches in length. Overcome, Kelly blurted “So whaddya think? We should get married” and so they did.

Their lifetime embodiment of plant knowledge and a long history of cultivating and conserving rare plants has led them to the clear realization that their particular attributes have much to offer the greater good in the plant world and that this will be best served by the formation of the nonprofit, Far Reaches Botanical Conservancy. The excitement they feel at the prospects and potential of this plant introduction and conservation venture can only be compared to the best moments of plant hunting in the field, second perhaps only to the Carpinus fangiana.

The mission of the Conservancy is to facilitate the acquisition and introduction to North America of threatened and vulnerable ornamental plants of known wild provenance as well as from cultivated sources. These plants will be maintained as a living reference collection for public educational and scientific purposes with the goal of conservation through cultivation via distribution to botanic and public gardens, botanists and researchers plus professional and amateur gardeners and horticulturists.The Conservancy is a Washington nonprofit corporation that the IRS, as of September 25, 2017, has granted tax-exempt status under IRS Code Section 501(c)(3). In other words, it is a 501(c)(3) organization, and that means that donations are tax-deductible.

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Board of Directors:
Sue Milliken
Kelly Dodson
Cody Hinchliff PhD
Will Winslow
Holly Hirzel

Aaron Floden PhD, Taxonomist
Michael Sundue PhD, Taxonomist
John Massey, owner of Ashwood Nurseries in England
Panayoti Kelaidis, Senior Curator at the Denver Botanic Garden