About the Nursery

Our Story

Far Reaches Farm is a rare plant specialty nursery in Port Townsend, Washington with thousands of plant taxa represented in our collection! We make our extraordinary plants available to everyone in the US through our mail order nursery. The pandemic has greatly impacted our staffing levels and negatively influenced the local labor force as well. We can’t see being able to reopen for onsite shopping here anytime in the foreseeable future. Fortunately mail order has been very good. For those of you who miss walking around the gardens, we can make appointments on most weekdays for you to walk around but there is no longer a retail shopping area.

We do have curbside pick up available year-round! You can order online, or give a call or email. We have a handy table right inside our front gate where you can come pick up.
You can learn more about us on A Way to Garden, the award-winning podcast by Margaret Roach, in her episode Unusual Perennials, with Kelly Dodson.
We (Sue and Kelly) are also contributing editors to Fine Gardening magazine. You can find some of our articles online here.