Maianthemum sp. (Smilacina)

False solomon seal


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Guatemalan False Solomon Seal. A collection from Guatemala at 8000'-9000' on Volcan Azul by Josh McCullough where he found this growing both epiphytically on Oak trees and terrestrially. Cool New World False Solomon's Seal that is best brought in during the winter unless you are Zone 9. This makes an interesting lignotuber of sorts at the soil surface which is a big swollen storage organ that is often found in epiphytes (tree dwellers) to help them weather periods of dry as well as uncommon cold snaps. Ahh, the adaptations of plants! We haven't flowered it but this has long 10" pedicels according to Josh's notes.


Plant Type

  • Perennial / Bulb

Mature Size

12" - 24"

Hardiness Zones

  • Zone 9a (20 °F)
  • Zone 9b (25 °F)

Sun Exposure

  • Part Shade - Part Sun
  • Shade

Water Needs

  • Moist
  • Moderate

Bloom Time

  • Spring
  • Summer