Exbucklandia populnea DJHHu 15073


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Dan Hinkley collection of this incredible member of the Witch Hazel family. Glossy evergreen leaves emerge as flattened paddles and unfold into a shape best described as a rounded duck's foot held on yellow-green petioles all making for an extremely unique silhouette. The Vietnamese collections of this species tend not to be hardy in Zone 8 but this collection of Hubei provenance is growing well at Windcliff, so here's to hoping!


Plant Type

  • Tree
  • Evergreen

Mature Size

to 50'

Hardiness Zones

  • Zone 9a (20 °F)
  • Zone 9b (25 °F)

Sun Exposure

  • Full Sun
  • Part Shade - Part Sun

Water Needs

  • Moist

Bloom Time