Carpinus betulus 'Columnaris Nana'


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You'd be forgiven for not expecting such a fascinating textural plant to spring from the well of one of the most standard hedging plants in the Western world. Yet that is indeed what this old-school cultivar seen far too rarely in gardens offers. Despite it's name it fails to overwhelm in either it's dwarfness or upright form, though it does offer some of both growing only to about 10ft at which it takes on a plump pear shape. Where it thrives however is in it's extreme density with leaves stuffed in so tightly you're unlikely to see even the hint of a branch, a mature specimen is a real eye-catcher from a distance when planted amidst other trees or could provide an even denser hedge than the classic.


Plant Type

  • Tree

Mature Size


Hardiness Zones

  • Zone 5a (-20 °F)
  • Zone 5b (-15 °F)
  • Zone 6a (-10 °F)
  • Zone 6b (-5 °F)
  • Zone 7a (0 °F)
  • Zone 7b (5 °F)
  • Zone 8a (10 °F)
  • Zone 8b (15 °F)

Sun Exposure

  • Full Sun
  • Part Shade - Part Sun

Water Needs

  • Moderate

Bloom Time

  • Spring