New Website

We have gotten with the times and updated our website. For returning customers, you will have to create a new customer account and password. You can use your same email address as before, and any pending orders you have for the Spring will still reach you like normal.
When you create an account, you will receive an email asking you to confirm or activate your account.
Gift Cards
We are working on reissuing the active gift cards purchased on our old website. We are using the same codes but without the original hyphens. If you have a Gift Card from before 12/14/23 and your code isn't working, please email us. 
Additionally, we can only reissue the old cards to the email originally provided. In some cases this is the purchaser's email, some it is the gift recipient. Unfortunately the new platform doesn't let us include the original notes, so if you have received a gift card and don't know where it came from, just send us an email and we will get the original note to you!
The balance you receive on the gift card is the amount left on the card.

Unfortunately we could not save Wish Lists, but we have saved your Back In Stock Requests.

Please contact us if you experience any trouble with the website. Email is best, since staffing is limited during the holidays.

Happy Shopping!