Lepisorus cf. macrosphaerus MD 15-09


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Fern fans we are, fern experts we are not, but we continue to chip away at the imposing taxonomic massif of Pteridphyta in hopes of becoming somewhat conversational in Fern. Currently, we can ask the equivalent of where the restroom is and order beer when talking Asian ferns. This is a creeping fern with long, thin rhizomes ideally suited for weaving through shallow moss on shaded rock faces with small orbicular-ovate evergreen leaves. This should be reasonably hardy as Acer griseum was growing a short distance away.


Plant Type

  • Fern
  • Evergreen

Mature Size

3"x 24"

Hardiness Zones

  • Zone 7a (0 °F)
  • Zone 7b (5 °F)
  • Zone 8a (10 °F)
  • Zone 8b (15 °F)

Sun Exposure

  • Shade

Water Needs

  • Moist
  • Moderate

Bloom Time

  • Not applicable
  • Deer Resistant Plants