Arctostaphylos densiflora 'Howard McMinn'



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Extremely handsome big evergreen shrub to 10'x10' or more. Classic mahogany bark peeling to reveal that much loved Hi-Gloss finish on the trunk and branches. Pink buds in spring open to white urn-shaped flowers, followed by clusters of russet not messy-at-all fruit which has some avian appeal. Leaves are held perpendicular to the sun to conserve water which is an adaptation to summer heat and low or no rainfall. So no mollycoddling whatsoever with this one. Well-drained soil of low fertility and don't water once established. As much as we love mulching with manure, don't on this one or any other shrubby Arctostaphylos. There really are plants whose main requirement is that you do nothing except admire.


Plant Type

  • Shrub
  • Evergreen

Mature Size


Hardiness Zones

  • Zone 7a (0 °F)
  • Zone 7b (5 °F)
  • Zone 8a (10 °F)
  • Zone 8b (15 °F)
  • Zone 9a (20 °F)
  • Zone 9b (25 °F)

Sun Exposure

  • Full Sun

Water Needs

  • Dry

Bloom Time

  • Spring